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Membership is by application only. 

Basic criteria includes being a graduate from a U.S. based ABA-accredited law school. Whether you are currently practicing law or not then we encourage you to apply.

Applicants should fall in ONE of the following categories: 

  • Graduate from U.S. based ABA-accredited law school
  • Lawyer who is currently practicing law
  • Lawyer who holds alternative legal/non-law role
  • Former/Recovering Lawyer who no longer practices law 

All of the above types are welcome to apply.

Currently, we are not accepting applications from law students, paralegals, anyone who does not hold a JD/law degree.  However, that may change in the future.  We do encourage you to sign up for our email list and learn the latest More Than Esquires news and updates.

Note: if you have product or service of benefit and interest to MTE OR an expert/thought leader in given topic area and would like to connect with the MTE audience, then complete & submit our Inquiry Form to be an Affiliate Partner or Guest Contributor to the community.

You want to talk about everything but the law, then this is the place for you. Someone once described the community as “lawyers who do a lot of cool things.” This is a collective of lawyers being their authentic selves, developing meaningful relationships and supporting each other.

We offer a 3-month (quarterly) payment at $120 or annual payment at $384.  

Note: this pricing is a limited Founding Member offer and will change to regular membership pricing in the future.

To protect you and our members of More Than Esquires, we don’t offer refunds on membership. Our resources and information are valuable digital assets; and we want to avoid individuals who join the membership, access & download materials, then cancel and request a refund. Ultimately, we want to protect your investment as a paid member.

You can cancel at any time but your membership will continue until your paid period is completed. Please submit your cancellation queries to

You are building a relationship with the More Than Esquires community, and this will take some time and trust.  Also, to be considerate of people’s lives and busy schedules we want to leave enough time and opportunity for members to experience what it is like to be part of the community.   Also, 3 months gives enough time to figure out whether you like to stay with us or not. Annual membership is the best option to have the full experience of what the More Than Esquires community has to offer.

Once your application is submitted and the vetting process is completed, then the entire process should take no longer than 2 days.

As a paying member, you will have access to all channels within the community including Resource Room, Groups, Monthly Founder-led calls and more.

You’ll find new and relevant discussions, industry news, and questions posed from fellow MTEs. Every member is expected to give as much as he/she/they receives from the community.

No, we are not a law firm or legal referral service.  We do not offer or provide any type of legal advice or referrals.  This is solely a membership community.